Gratitude - Giving Back

We wanted to give back to projects that we could see firsthand both where the money was going and also the benefits.  They also had to be aligned with our mission - a boho dreaming lifestyle.

$1 from each and every sale is going towards the following three projects.

Research on biodiversity and human health - Edith Cowan University is researching how indoor plants and soil transfer their bacteria (microbiota) to the human skin microbiota on high-rise building participants.  A diverse skin microbiota helps to train our immune systems (especially from a young age), and many species of bacteria have been lost due to our current lifestyles.  This research also investigates disconnection from nature.  If you would also like to donate please click here. More information on this topic can be found here.

Flower Friday Projectevery Friday when possible, we choose an institution such as aged care homes, a hospice, homeless shelter, women's' refuge centre or a hospital and give out free flowers.  This brings joy, hope and reconnects people with nature (as well as brings a tear to our eyes).  Many of these institutions are located in the inner city and do not have a garden.  Older people especially, really miss their gardens.

Araluen Botanic Park -  located in a sheltered valley in the Darling Ranges approximately 30 kilometres south of Perth, Western Australia, in the suburb of Roleystone, this park covers an area of about 59 hectares. The Araluen Botanic Park Foundation (Inc.) is a not-for-profit volunteer organisation that was incorporated on 24th July 1990.  The keyword here on their vision statement is 'accessible to all'.  They are renowned for their annual tulip and chilli festivals.

It is the Vision of the Araluen Botanic Park Foundation to:

Create a unique, world-class botanic park of great natural beauty and tranquillity, which is accessible to and remembered by all who visit.