About Us

Do you love everything Boho, feel-good atmospheres and living a healthy lifestyle? Bohodreaming is designed for - YOU!

Our background is in fashion design, yoga, travelling the world, and writing and living life as a Bohemian sometimes.  We also love to create beautiful outdoor rooms and undertake research on biodiversity and human health.

To bring this all together for you, we bring you the latest Boho fashion, boho clothing and tools for YOGA, and Boho products for your home at fantastic prices.  With our FREE SHIPPING  and 30-day return policy, you will be inspired to purchase and enjoy our products as much as we are bringing them to you!

 $1 from each and every sale goes to three worthy projects that fit within our mission of a Bohodreaming lifestyle.  Kings Park, Araluen Botanic Park, and the Flower Friday Project.  For more information on these projects please visit our Gratitude page.


Dr Danica-Lea and Team

Contact us at info@bohodreaming.com.au